Compassionate 1:1 support for everyone

"Neurodivergent Minds has provided me with life-changing support. The life coaching sessions have helped me understand and manage my ADHD better and to develop strategies that I use automatically now. I highly recommend their services and it is definitely is a non-judgemental place! I can vouch for that"

"The mentors are understanding, empathetic, and provide valuable guidance. I am grateful for their support. I am continuing with them"

"The support was great and I was empowered to realise that I am not the problem in situations, but indeed my ADHD is just not recognised, nor understood well. I have been supported to learn terminology and given words that I can now use to explain my condition proudly and explain what I need from others to manage better day to day"

"The mentor that I worked with at Neurodivergent Minds has created a safe and inclusive space for me to discuss my autism and socialisation issues at work. I was always disliked by colleagues and I didn’t understand why. My mentor taught me some professional body language techniques and communication phrases that make such a difference to other people. I'm now in a new job that I love and these skills have made it a positive experience socially for once

“To be listened to and worked with as an equal is a really nice experience. I do think this empowers people to be involved in the decisions. I have been given lots of advice from professionals over the years but some of that was unhelpful. What I needed was something really individual as my needs are complex. Neurodivergent Minds are giving me the support and confidence I need. My support isn’t finished yet and I look forward to my sessions every week"